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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

REY 'BOOM BOOM' BAUTISTA: A Manny Pacquiao That Never Was

ALA eh, talo si Boom Boom eyy. ALA Group, Cebu’s most respected boxing family has done everything to pull up Boom Boom back from the Ponce de Leon defeat last year, yet once hailed as the next Manny Pacquiao, Rey 'Boom Boom' Bautista suffered a second defeat via unanimous decision for Mexico's Heriberto Ruiz at the MGM Grand last Nov. 22, 2008. It was supposed to be a tune-up fight for Boom Boom but Heriberto Ruiz was obviously the more experienced fighter that night.

Here's the video that says everything - Boom Boom Bautista vs. Heriberto Ruiz

video courtesy of isaw14

Snapshot of the flooring of Rey 'Boom Boom' Bautista, a Manny Pacquiao that never was


Boom Boom let his face wide open for Ruiz forgotting his defensive gear in the dugout, was it because of the double head butt wound under his eyes that caused all of these ? did he became overconfident before the fight ? indeed it was too much pressure but to loose focus and not to fight with your heart and soul is one thing, being too giddy is another thing is for sure, he's not gonna be the next Manny Pacquiao, better luck next time Boom Boom !

Oks lang yon, wag ka na umiyak ha, tahan na boom boom, next time sila i-boom boom mo

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