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Saturday, November 22, 2008

SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES : MARLON CARMEN vs. CRIS CARTAGENAS (Muntik na Magsapakan) - Video November 21, 2008

If you haven't seen last night's episode of 'Survivor Philippines' then you're in luck. Here are the videos that happened last night featuring a heated argument between Cris Cartagenas and Marlon Carmen which culminated into the tribal council cliffhanger, who was voted out ? and what evil scheme Marlon did ?

Day 29: During a heavy downpour at low tide, the castaways played tag. Marlon talked to Rob, saying about while keeping his decisions open, Marlon also decided to portray himself as a bad person. Later while preparing the meal to eat, Marlon started to add too much saltwater on the rice, causing him to have a riff with Cris, forcing everyone else to intervene (although this was a plan Marlon and Rob had laid out so Marlon would be targetted in the next Tribal Council). JC also told Charisse that he too was intent on breaking up the Naak alliance. At Tribal Council, Paolo read Zita's willingness to stay in the game because of the numerous problems back home. Paolo also read Marlon's note, stating that Marlon hid the flint and Marlon promised to reveal something more shocking.

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