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Monday, November 10, 2008

SEA MONSTERS 3D : A PREHISTORIC ADVENTURE - Now Showing at the San Miguel Coca-Cola IMAX Theatre , SM MALL OF ASIA, Pasay city, PHILIPPINES


We saw 'SEA MONSTERS 3D' yesterday at the San Miguel Coca-Cola IMAX Theatre at the SM Mall of Asia. It's a mind blowing experience, a prehistoric adventure set deep in the waters of pre-North American west continent 82 million years ago. Amazing what a virtual 3D environment done with computer graphics can truly entertain and at the same time educate. Prepare to be mesmerize in a spectacular array of prehistoric fishes as backdrop. The 3D visuals (via 3D glasses) will astound you, the prehistoric creatures live and breathe once again courtesy of the magical technology of computer animation.

You think the great White Shark is the deadliest creature to live in the far reaches of the ocean?

Here's the trailer

Sea Monsters 3D, Now Showing at the San Miguel Coca-Cola IMAX Theatre , SM Mall of Asia, Pasay city.

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