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Friday, November 14, 2008

SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES Day 26 - Nanay Zita firm on Voting JC Out Next - November 13, 2008

JC chose Cris, Kaye, and Rob to join him, leaving the envious Marlon, Charisse, Veronica, and Zita to eat rice and some of the meat Rob managed to hide before joining JC. At the resort, Kaye and Cris admitted to JC and Rob about voting against Kiko and subsequently apologized to them about it. Meanwhile, back at camp, Zita voiced her disappointment on JC for not picking her for the reward and made firm to vote out JC next, based on her own feelings, although not completely aligning with the Jarakay alliance.

Day 26: At the resort, JC, Rob, Cris, and Kaye had their breakfast and then headed out to sea for some snorkelling. Back at camp, Marlon, Charisse, and Veronica saw that Zita was finally firm on voting JC out first, then Rob. But with them seeing the possibility of JC winning immunity, Marlon approached Zita to tell her of that and courted the choice of putting Rob's name in the ballot just in case JC would triumph.

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Part 4 of 4

Snapshots of Video Part 4 (pautakan scene, manipulation of Nanay Zita by the villain Marlon Carmen)





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