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Saturday, November 1, 2008

JACE 9th Cast-Off from SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES - October 31, 2008

The October 31, 2008 episode could be the best episode I've seen so far. It got thrills, excitement, intrigues, 'gapangans' and betrayal. Jace, the muscular hunk, got voted out by the dominant 'Naak' tribe over the ex-Jarakay tribe. The ex-Jarakay tribe voted Kiko but their numbers couldn't compensate for their choice. Jace thought that JC of the ex-Naak tribe was by his side and it was JC's loyalty to the Naak that proved JC's word of honor.

Here's a video October 31, 2008 telecast that sums up the story of the tribes in a nutshell from Day 1

Here's the video that gave insights to the thoughts and plans of Chalam tribe

Here's the video that culminates into the voting out of JACE ("keeps your friends close but keep your enemies closer" Paolo naman, hiram mo lang yan sa 'The Godfather', sus wala ka bang originality?)

Jace said that he felt betrayed, well Jace that's what you call karma since you yourself betrayed Kiko in the Pillow race challenge, wahehehehe

It looks like the ex-Jarakay's days are numbered , go Kiko ! and mommy Zita too

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