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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

BEIJING Olympic's FAKED Footprints Outlined by Fireworks as seen on TV and China's Anthem Star also a FAKE

What the hell? This is 'a boy who cried wolf' blown out of proportion. Behind the grandiose spectacle of the Beijing Olympic's giant marching aerial footprints outlined by fireworks as shown on TV and the sensational Chinese kid who sang the anthem at the opening ceremonies were all bogus and fake just like the pirated DVDs you can buy on any streets in China. Don't you ever felt cheated to the max ?


One of the most spectacular elements of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics was actually a special effect created for television viewers around the world. Giant marching aerial footprints outlined by fireworks were created by sophisticated computer graphics digitally inserted into the live coverage, reports the Daily Telegraph.

All 29 steps were actually formed with fireworks, but the 55-second sequence effect was created because it would have been too difficult to use cameras to capture them all. "We could not put the helicopter pilot at risk by making him try to follow the fireworks route," said an advisor to the Olympic Committee.

Source: Newser.Com and Daily Telegraph (UK)

Nine-year-old Lin Miaoke became a sensation after performing the Chinese anthem at the Olympics opening ceremony, and has been busily doing interviews and accepting praise ever since. There’s just one problem: The voice billions around the world actually heard was a 7-year-old with crooked teeth who was replaced after a dress rehearsal when a member of the politburo ruled that she wasn't "flawless" enough.


Lin Miaoke (left) got all the credit,
but 7-year-old Yang Peiyi
did the actual singing. (Getty/AFP)
Source: Newser.Com

DCRJ's say on this: I was amazed how China pulled off this magnificent opening ceremony not seen in other Olympic opening ceremonies. My companion beside me asked me why all good things happens in China and why are we not born in China, obviously overwhelmed by the spectacle of the grandiose opening ceremony. Now I think I know the answer. Faking their way to a perfect Olympics is something that reminded me of my travels to a wonderful China but often meeting some rude Chinese as a way of representing their country to us Filipino tourists. Of course not all Chinese are rude but most of them are, taking into account my experiences in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Guandong province and Hong Kong.

DCRJ at Wonders of the World in Amazing Shenzhen, China

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