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Thursday, August 14, 2008

MANNY PACQUIAO vs. OSCAR DE LA HOYA Dream Bout Will Remain A Dream : 'No Deal' by Pacman on 70-30 Split Offer By De la Hoya


August 14, 2008

I am truly disappointed on the turn out of the talks between both camps. Oscar de la Hoya's final offer on revenue split is 70-30 and he won't budge in to the 60-40 split counter-offered by Manny Pacquiao. As a result, Manny Pacquiao will remained at 135 lbs. and will await Bob Arum's announcement on his next opponent which will possibly be held in November. It looks like that Manny's next opponent would be Humberto Sotto and I feared that it's going to be another Pacquiao vs. David Diaz in the making, another 'ordinary' Mexican that will be ready for Manny's Mexican graveyard. The fight with Oscar de la Hoya would be more grandiose than the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony and there would be nothing fake or bogus on that fight. Of course Oscar de la Hoya knows that the 70-30 revenue split is unacceptable. Taking into account from write-ups that Oscar de la Hoya will be the butt of ridicule whether he wins or loses to the Pacman, which perhaps lead to his final unacceptable offer, And I think that's called 'chickening out'. The dream bout that we could only fantasize in video gaming will remain forever just another dream.

'just continue to dream on'

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