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Monday, August 18, 2008

NAIA TERMINAL 3 Still Has Glitches Despite Being Opened for a Month - 24 Oras Video August 18, 2008

The Philippines' most modern airport terminal, NAIA Terminal 3 has been opened for a month now but management personnel admits that there are still glitches but will be taken cared of when the international flights will be served by the said terminal. Here's a video from 24 Oras




DCRJ's say on this: The NAIA Terminal 3 staffs are still getting acquainted with the huge and spacious terminal 3 but the size of the Philippine terminal is still miniscule if you will compare the latest airports seen in Hong Kong, Thailand and even the old Changi airport in Singapore. It's funny that people keep on complaining on the long walks at the NAIA Terminal 3, if ever they would visit the terminal in Hong Kong or Thailand for sure they will be astounded by the larger size and longer walks. Even so, I am still proud that the NAIA Terminal 3 have finally been opened despite the controversy that have surrounded it.

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