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Thursday, August 21, 2008

THE PHILIPPINES: Sick Man of Asia at the BEIJING 2008 Olympics (IF MARIE ANTOINETTE RIVERO Doesn't Bring Home The Bacon on Friday)

Well, I hate to say it but with the disappointing performance of the RP Contingent at the Beijing 2008 Olympics I kept on thinking about the monicker of the Philippines as 'the sick man of Asia', now the Philippines is again the sick man of Asia at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. huhuhuhu. Well it's partly true because our neighboring countries Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia has already amassed a number of medals be it a Gold, Silver or Bronze. It's funny how the leaders of the RP Contingent comittee got free rides to Beijing hehehe. Now that Tshomlee Go has loss to the Aussie in Tae Kwan Do what's left is Marie Antoinette Rivero whom will see action in Tae Kwan Do tomorrow Friday

Although I am a bit skeptic about her skills I do hope that she would take home the bacon when she sees action in Tae Kwan Do tomorrow Friday.

Here's a video on Tshomlee Go of the Philippines losing to Ryan Carnelli of Australia

some snapshots from the video

Learn the ways of the force, my padawan Tshomlee Go

Haven't you heard of Bruce Lee's 'be flexible like water' ?

what's with that ? aww...

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