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Friday, August 22, 2008

MICHAEL PHELPS (with 8 Gold Medals) Replicates MARK SPITZ's (with 7 Gold Medals) Classic Pose on the Cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED

8 Gold medalist MICHAEL PHELPS graces the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and what memorable pose Phelps would emulate is the classic photo of MARK SPITZ in 1972.

Here's the MICHAEL PHELPS cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, displaying the 8 Gold medals he won in swimming competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympics


What really comes to my mind after I saw the Michael Phelps Sports Illustrated cover was the same pose done by Mark Spitz in the Life Magazine which displayed the 7 Gold medals Spitz won in the swimming competition at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Here's a snapshot of Mark Spitz's classic LIFE MAGAZINE photo


I hope Michael Phelps' emulation of Mark Spitz's classic pose would act as a tribute to Mark Spitz and won't in any way dishonor the great legend.

The Mark Spitz classic photo was taken from the LIFE BOOK: THE FIRST 50 Years (1936-1986) which is in my possession since 1986...see photo below

cool huh?

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