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Friday, August 15, 2008


Now that the much ballyhooed dream fight Pacquiao vs. de la Hoya is a no-go, others still believe that both camps are still in the process of renegotiation. Freddie Roach wants Pacquiao vs. de la Hoya to happen and will try to convince Manny Pacquiao to accept de la Hoya's offer of 70-30 split revenue. Let's keep our fingers cross that this dream fight will finally be settled to a yes-go on Dec. 6, 2008. First, here are some quotable quotes from articles currently on the internet...

"You don't look at percentages in these revenue splits. You look at the dollar amount, what you're gonna make...sometimes these fighters just don't get it."
- Oscar dela Hoya,


"well, I think, hands down, we know that Pacquiao is the biggest event."
- Oscar de la Hoya, conversation with Steve Cofield of ESPNRadio1100

"I have been informed that Oscar De La Hoya is firm with the 70-30 revenue sharing and won't budge in to the 60-40 split we have counter-offered. I find the offer of GBP unconscionable hence unacceptable."
- Manny Pacquiao, Manila Bulletin


"If they won't give in to our counter-offer then my next opponent would [Edwin] Valero or [Humberto] Sotto, either of the two"
- Manny Pacquiao, 24 Oras news TV

"Fighting Humberto Soto is ridiculous,"
- Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach, Manila Bulletin

"It is a bit mind-boggling for me that [Manny] would have to fight three or four times to make what he could make to fight Oscar. I hope Manny has been given all the information by his people."
- Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer,

"The deal we were working on was a lot of money for both guys. The question is what is a fair split? I thought somewhere between 30 and 40 percent for Manny was fair."
- Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum,

After being dumped by Pacquiao, Oscar de la Hoya turns to Sergio Mora for his next fight. "In order to make money you have to fight the biggest names. The biggest name is Oscar De La Hoya. And people will expect me to lose, which I like. But I know I can win."
- Junior Middleweight titleholder Sergio Mora,

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