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Sunday, August 17, 2008

MANNY PACQUIAO Sends A Letter To Mr. OSCAR DE LA HOYA Thru PhilBoxing.Com's 'KUMBINASYON' Column


Manny Pacquiao, thru his 'Kumbinasyon' column in Philboxing.Com, sends a letter and addressed to Ginoong (Mr.) Oscar de la Hoya.

Here's an excerpt:


I am a fighter and my job is to get ready for every fight. I do not fear any opponent and my fans know that I do not run from any challenge. That is why I have always been selected as the Most Exciting Fighter in the world, and later on, the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. I thank the people who love boxing for giving me the title and I think I deservingly earned those titles.

I do not choose my opponents and I certainly do not run from any challenge especially the ones that I think I have a chance to win. I know that Mr. Dela Hoya will come into the fight a bigger man, but my team thinks we have a winning shot, however small it may be. That is why talks have started between Top Rank and Golden Boy, which Mr. Dela Hoya heads.

I think this fight should happen if Mr. Dela Hoya really loves the sport of boxing. This fight will be our legacy to the sport, especially because it will be Mr. Dela Hoya's last fight. People have started talking about it and we have not even signed our names on the contract. I'm sure we can fill up Dodger Stadium or any other venue. Yes, I will fight anywhere, anytime. Boxing's "Golden Boy" Vs. Boxing's Most Exciting Fighter and the current top Pound-for-Pound fighter: A Dream Match.

Mr. Dela Hoya, however, has shown little interest by offering me a percentage that only an up-and-coming fighter rightly deserves. If he really wants the fight, then he should at least, at the very least give me what I truly deserve, a fair share of the pie. He should understand that we are both superstars in the game and our mere names will sell everything and we stand to break all existing records in the sport, even the one that he established with Floyd Mayweather.

"Ang pagbibigay niya sa akin ng 30 percent lamang ay parang sampal sa akin at sa fans ng boxing. Kung tatanggapin ko ito, parang ako naman ay magmumukhang kaawa-awa." [By offering me a 30 percent share of the pie is like giving me a slap on the face and to all boxing fans. If ever I will accept that offer seems like I am being pitied for]

Mr. Dela Hoya, this fight is going to be better than the Mayweather fight because as you may already know, I will not be running away from you. It will be a fight for the ages, even our grandkids will be talking about this match even when we are already old. Don't let the opportunity pass.

Alam na siguro ng marami na kaming dalawa ni Dela Hoya ay may personal na alitan at sa tingin ko, lalong sisiklab iyan at magiging mitsa ng isang magandang laban kung magkakasundo na ang lahat. [Maybe everyone knows that me and Dela Hoya has a personal grudge on each other and I think it will be the fuse for a huge and exciting fight if everybody will agree]

Mr. Dela Hoya, let do this fight, once and for all, for our love for boxing. I will continue to wait. Have a nice day! Oh, by the way, I have been playing golf lately but I can't come to your golf charity on Monday even if I really wanted to help out in your charity movement, too.

read the whole article at PhilBoxing.Com

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