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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pre- OSCAR DE LA HOYA vs. MANNY PACQUIAO Fantasy Dream Bout in Quotable Quotes


It looks like the dream bout Oscar de la Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao will come into fruition in the coming days. It is still in the works and yet several articles in the internet have been sprouting up either they are excited about it or against it. Here are some quotable quotes on the ballyhooed dream bout...

"Someone has to make De La Hoya realize that a loss to a fighter like Margarito would be far less embarrassing than a win over a guy so much smaller would be.

If De La Hoya wants to turn himself into a sideshow freak, then he should sign the contract to fight Pacquiao.

That will guarantee it.

- By Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports


"To Oscar De La Hoya, it represents the perfect exit strategy, a chance to cement his legacy as he rides off into the sunset.

For Manny Pacquiao, it is an opportunity to consolidate his claim as the sport's top pound-for-pound practitioner.

For boxing fans, it is the chance to see one of those computerized fantasy fights actually played out in the ring."

- By George Kimball, Special to


"De La Hoya isn't what he used to be, that's for sure,"

"If Oscar was in his prime, I wouldn't have taken this fight."

- By Freddie Roach, celebrated trainer of Oscar de la Hoya and Manny Pacquiao


"If De La Hoya thought Mayweather was fast, wait until he steps in the ring with Pac-Man. The current champion's arsenal brings new meaning to the word "combinations," as his blinding speed enables him to throw eight to 10 punches in succession. While he probably doesn't have the power to knockout De La Hoya at 147, his speed advantage gives him the potential to win every round."

- By Chris Mannix, SportsIllustrated.CNN.Com


"A match against Oscar De La Hoya is in negotiations. That would be disastrous for the Filipino superstar. He’s just too small for De La Hoya. It could end Pacman’s career it's that dangerous. De La Hoya gains nothing from this fight."

- By David A. Avila,

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