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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I was at the MANILA OCEAN PARK Sunday March 2, 2008. My only criticism is the prohibition of using flash photography inside the MOP oceanarium. I have been using the flash of my camera inside the oceanariums in Singapore's Underwater World, Kuala Lumpur's Aquaria, Ocean Park Hong Kong's Atol Reef/Shark Tank. The reason from the staffs of MOP is that sudden flashes of light scares the teeny weeny miniscule adudu adada fishes, okay ... I am all for that but why shout it in a rude manner. The employees inside the MOP should be trained more to give courtesy to all of the guests, afterall...there is no reason for them to be discourteous specially the ones inside the Tunnel of 'Buhay na Karagatan' geez ! Understandably it was overcrowded and the lack of a 'walkalator' inside the tunnel 'stagnates' the crowd just like in a bottle neck traffic jam, yet still the employees should have at least the patience to deal with the chaotic crowd.

Exteriors of the MOP is still unfinished and the planned hotel and mall construction isn't even initiated yet, the Open Marine Habitat is still under construction. All of the overall experience of an oceanarium is still half-baked although the oceanarium itself is complete but I was disappointed with the Tunnel for it contains small fish varieties compared to the huge fishes in the oceanariums abroad. I bought MOP tshirts afterwards as I routinely do in other oceanariums but the tshirt staff didn't gave me a receipt...double geez ! ah yes, this is the Philippines where you can purchase items without a receipt, oh dear !

The journey even though half-baked is still enjoyable specially if you bring your whole family with you but to emulate the experience from other oceanariums abroad still lacks enthusiam at the MOP. Another thing, at the Touch pool, how can you appreciate the sea life creature if you don't take them away from the water?! The lady staff managed to give me a holler after I mimicked Mel Tiangco seen at the YouTube I posted below. oh well, Pinoys are still the friendliest peeps on the planet compared to the rude suckers in HK hehehe.


My personal photo at the Manila Ocean Park, March 2, 2008

The YouTube videos below are personally recorded and uploaded to YouTube by yours truly from GMA-7's Mel and Joey on February 24, 2008.

MANILA OCEAN PARK (Part 1/2) @ Mel & Joey, Feb. 24, 2008

PinoyBiscuits YouTube video link -

MANILA OCEAN PARK (Part 2/2) @ Mel & Joey, Feb 24, 2008

PinoyBiscuits YouTube video link -


Additional sidenotes: I am the one who initiated the creation of the MANILA OCEAN PARK page at WIKIPEDIA.ORG

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Just look at the history of the MANILA OCEAN PARK page and you'll see my name DCRJ on it , so cool...right ?

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