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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


PINOY BISCUITS - is the latest blog (and only blog) to come out from the Philippine online community of the same name. It is my hope to cater any topics to the general interests of the readers. Movies and other entertainment media is a good start as I have always been a movie fanatic since my appreciation of movies in 1975 when I was in my fourth year in High School. I'll never forget the impact of the movie 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' when I first saw it in a theater in Sta. Cruz, Manila...yes, there weren't any SM cinemas in those days. Nothing beats watching a movie in the theaters of old Manila. I saw Steven Spielberg's 'JAWS' at the now defunct Odeon theater on a rainy day circa 1975, I was drenching wet when I entered the theater and I could almost feel the wet terror of the denizens of Amity island or the excitement of Al Pacino taking hostage several bank employees needing the money for his boyfriend's sex change operation in 'Dog Day Afternoon' circa 1976 or the touching story of Sly Stallone as underdog Rocky Balboa in 'Rocky' inside the theater of Harrison Plaza, yes...there was a theater inside Harrison Plaza in 1976. The feeling of watching those wonderful movies at that time was like a coming-of-age appreciation for me. It was also the time when I first saw a Lino Brocka film called 'Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang' and it was that Lino Brocka film that I've heard dialogues which were ordinarily spoken as in real life because I was used to hear dialogues with words that can only be found in poetries from those old-fashioned movies (Rogelio dela Rosa starrers) of the 1950s shown in the afternoons on TV. Another Lino Brocka film that imparted an emotional impact to me was 'Maynila: Sa Kuko Ng Liwanag' , Bembol Roco still had hair then and he was known as Rafael Roco back then.

The joys of watching movies in the 1970s was mesmerizing for a teenage boy like me...not only that I could watch a movie on my own (no more parental accompaniments) but I could also indulge in the craftmanship of a masterpiece of a movie by sometimes continuously repeating the movie twice in those days. I want to consider those films of the 1970s as the 'Golden Age of the movies'. I still wanted to rekindle that feeling today but movies now doesn't generate the kind of emotional impact that I've seen in the 70s specially now with movies filled with CGI effects which somewhat 'diminish' the core of emotional impacts except for a few of course.

It is my hope that I could share to you some movie trivias and entertainment as well as updates on any given articles for the sake of general interests. I have been recording and uploading video clips from TV at YouTube (username PinoyBiscuits) for some time now, that would be a good start to pave the way for this blog. Okay, I'll just have to design first the look and feel of this blog then we're on our way....

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