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Friday, May 9, 2008


Here's the classic video of the SEXBOMB GIRLS vs. the EB BABES Showdown circa February 2, 2007. I personally recorded and uploaded the video to YouTube on February 2007. I uploaded it again at Imeem this time around.

Here's a bit of history first regarding the said showdown

The group was launched into a dispute with Eat Bulaga! in March 2006 when the show quickly hired former SexBomb Sugar Mercado after her contract with the group expired, and heavily promoted her. In protest, the girls left the show, and were later replaced by the EB Babes. The group did return to the show in December 2006 as part of a Christmas song and dance number. In 2007, the group began having a mock rivalry with the EB Babes, culminating with a "showdown" on-air in February 2007. The SexBombs later made a temporary return, only appearing on Fridays.

I've read lots of comments on who's the better group, the original Sexbomb Girls or the newer EB Babes. As I have said it before, the Sexbomb Girls being the more experienced are the better group than the much younger EB Babes. Look at the video and you'll observe that the Sexbomb Girls have more variety in their moves than the monotonous moves by the EB Babes. Also observe EB Babe Saida's classic 'floor sweep' move, that's 1 point for Rochelle. In fairness, the EB Babes are the prettier ones.

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