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Thursday, May 1, 2008

FAKE PHOTO of MARIAN RIVERA as DYESEBEL Circulating on the Internet

I was surfing in some forums and I saw this picture of Marian Rivera as Dyesebel...


The poster proudly posted this picture with the title 'TOPLESS MARIAN RIVERA'

but in actual truth of it all, yes she is topless but the picture above is a FAKE, I should know because I recorded the actual episode and made a screen capture of it

Here's proof!

The photo on top was made to enhance Marian's breast to greater exposure. If you look closely at the two photos, you'll see that the fake photo (on top) still has some hair leftovers at Marian's left forearm, left untouched by the photoshop editor with half of Marian's breast exposed. I placed the actual photo from the actual TV show (photo below the fake one), here you can see that hair-locks covered Marian's left breast and locks of hair covered the front of her left forearm.

Here's another proof that the above (first) pic is a FAKE, I even made a GIF animation out of the actual screen captured shots


walang ng magawa sa buhay nila ang mga gumagawa ng mga fake cheap photos tulad ng unang photo sa itaas...tsk tsk tsk

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djponce said...

correct po kayo... walang magawa talaga ung gumawa ng fake photo ni marian. buti na lang at nanjan kayo. Thanks po sa pag upload ng Dyesebel coz almost a month akong wala sa pinas. I know marami po kayong napasaya. God Bless!

polio8vaccine said...

um no. The photo above is from the primer episode. Saw this on youtube and its definitely 100% real. Most likely they realized how much her breasts was exposed so they used an alternate take so there wouldnt be some censorship problems. you should do your research before. And yes I'm aware that I'm replying to a message that's a year old.

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